Why are Americans so shocked when they travel to China?

Mudassir Ali
Apr 14, 2020 03:38 PM 0 Answers
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Why are Americans so shocked when they travel to China?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 14, 2020 03:38 PM

China surely has its super-rich and abject poor. However, unlike in the United States, I have not seen road-bums, homeless park-sleepers. Unlike in Europe, I have never seen a man or a woman painted with metallic colour all over and standing immobile just for a few coins.

Though not African or African-American, I am black. I can walk the street or drive a car in the highway without the fear of getting shot by a white (most chinese are as light, or lighter to the sunlight than most whtes) Chinese.

Chinese citizens don’’t find the need to protect themselves with a military-style automatic nor do in the spur of a moment mow down a few party revellers or school children.

No preacher threatens you that the day of the judgment is coming, and hence there is no fear in every face. Cult suicide has happened, but the damage has been minimal.

Since the Uighur of Xingjiang province have been brought under control, there has been no suicide bombing in China. In fact, China is the safest country in the world from suicide bombing and religious attacks.

You rarely, if at all, see ladies walking like mobile tents in China.

You never see anyone addressing his God with his head on earth and bottom in the air.

Women move around in the malls, cinemas and streets in the shortest of short pants and bare-shouldered tops, I am yet to hear cat calls of wolf whistles and have never watched shameless staring.

Alcohol is everywhere, but I do not see alcohol-related fights or deaths.

People smoke like chimneys, but unlike in Italy or France, streets are not paved with cigarette butts.

Only in China I am not anxious when my teenaged girl comes home late after a party. Whether in New York, London or Paris, I’d be paranoid.

I feel a little more free in China to write about a government acttion than I would in Modi’s India or Trump’s America.

I am not suggesting that all is hunky-dory in China. But this Country is a living proof that if religious practices are discouraged, Bible, Quran and Gita are not read in public, television is not invaded by preachers, Mullahs and Babas, this world would be far more peaceful than it is.

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