Why are electric cars more expensive than conventional ones?

Mudassir Ali 8 months 1 Answer 94 views

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  1. There are two main reasons people believe that electric cars are more expensive:

    Firstly, they don’t consider the 5,500 (or more) gallons of gasoline they will be purchasing at whatever price the market will bear, over the next 20 years. The average car sold in the US still gets less than 26MPG. The average American drives 13,500 miles per year. Over the course of 20 years that’s actually over 10,000 gallons of gasoline. (the 5,500 figure above was my personal 11,000 mile years and 40MPG prior car)

    The second reason is that they don’t realize that driving 20 years, 270,000 miles will most-likely require that they later purchase a second SSBB car. With an electric car, you’ll most likely just replace the battery pack and keep driving. And the battery cost 10 years from now when it might need replacement will be considerably less, and the new battery will likely have a longer range, and lifetime as well.

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