Why are only Muslims allowed into Mecca and Medina?

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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 01, 2020 02:51 PM

Apart from other recent restrictions by Saudi Arabia, the ban to enter Madinah and later Mecca was instituted during the reign of King Noor-ud-Din Zangi of Sham (Present day Syria).

The story is long but I shall make it shorten for readers.

In 474. Pope Sixtus 1V hatched a plan to remove the remains of the Prophet Mohammad from his grave, bring these to Rome and be displayed in Saint Peter’s Square to humiliate Muslims and help inflame the Spanish Inquisition that he was helping.

He dispatched two monks from Rome dressed as Arabs to live in Medina and dig a tunnel from a house close to the Mosque of the Prophet, where he is buried.

One night, the King Zangi had a dream where the Prophet said to him that two persons were trying to shift his body. The King was very disturbed and consulted his advisers, what to do. They asked him to distribute extra charity and pray. The second night, it happened again. This time, the Prophet showed the King two faces and asked him to stop them.

The king, at once readied his guards and marched towards Medina from Halab, his capital. On reaching Medina, he ordered the governor to parade all citizens of the city in front of him. One by one, people passed but the King did not see the two faces from his dream. He asked if there was anyone else in the city. He was told that there were two old men who went around in the city in day time, distributing water while in the night they retire to pray near bye the mosque.

The king ordered that these two men be presented immediately.

When they were brought in front of the King, he recognized them right away. Upon searching their place, a tunnel was discovered that was hidden under a carpet and led to the grave of the Prophet.

The men confessed as being the spies sent by the Pope. They were executed at the spot. The King then ordered a trench to be dug around the grave to the water level, which was then filled with Zink ore to avoid the repetition of another effort.

The king Noor-ud-Din Zangi then instructed that no non-Muslim should be allowed to enter Madinah and Mecca.

Today, many US and other expats work in Saudi Arabia and even in Mecca and Medinah but they are not allowed to enter Prophet’s mosque in Madinah and Kabbah in Mecca. These two places are sacred to Muslims, where they perform Hajj and pray at Prophet’s grave.

I personally believe that it should be OK to visit the cities as tourist for non-Muslims. It would create good will.

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