Why are other cricket leagues in the world less popular than PSL?

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  1. I know some die hard PSL fans posted this question , even though they know it is one of the least popular t20 tournaments in the world.

    I want to show you how popular the tournament which makes the stands filled with crowd .

    Almost the whole stadium is empty . May be due to tuk tuk effect.

    Even sangakkara couldn’t able to fill it . May be they felt he was not flamboyant enough as a batsman .

    Bazz too 🙁

    Let’s add some local flavor

    OMG , even the lala couldn’t able to bring the crowd ….

    The below pic is taken on 2013 Sharjah , Pakistan vs south Africa

    This one on Dec 8 , 2013 , Sharjah . Pakistan vs Afghanistan

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