Why are Pakistani news TV channels so irresponsible?

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  1. Originally Answered: Why Pakistani news TV channels are so irresponsible?
    First of all, journalism in this country has a very low grading and ranking system. To be a journalist by academic profession, in itself is a matter of questionable qualifications.

    Journalism has evolved, specifically, modern (aka Digital) journalism. Very few journalists / TV Anchors / TV management personnel have actually had proper training / education in this field.

    I personally know quite a few TV Anchors in Pakistan, one of them happens to be a very close friend. The sad truth is, they have never studied this subject, they just happened to know some people, and had the gift of gab, and ended up as anchors. Behind the scenes what they think or the medium and how they prepare personally for the TV and/or the news they cover, is a laughing matter sadly.

    Equally to blame is the regulator – PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority). The mandate of PEMRA, its working rules, and its circulars and notifications are a blend of both the good and bad. PEMRA really needs to be scrapped, and rebuilt from the ground up. Some of the rules and notifications are contradictory, whilst some are politically motivated and yet, bizarre enough some are knee-jerk reactions to an event or situation in PK at the time.

    Once you have a well thought of, localised, regulatory framework, can you only then start working towards the TV channels themselves. The regulatory framework can insist on certain aspects, for example what is the ruling on showing graphical images on TV, what is the definition of what is considered to be a graphical image. What is considered obscene? How is the definition derived, etc.

    We are should be evolving, but the evolution somehow has gone wrong.

    What is the methodology of reporting violations, be it by a viewer, a competitive channel or by someone even outside of Pakistan. etc.

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