Why are so many Pakistani people so happy regarding Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification?

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  1. Simple answer, because a corrupt politician has been taken down from Premiership. Once again he has been proven to be corrupt and incompetent to rule the country which is indeed proven with evidences and after screening national and international records. He was never qualified enough to even submit his application for National Assembly. Nawaz Sharif has changed nothing, except building some roads and few metro projects he never invested in education, justice system, or health which are the biggest problems in Pakistan. Sadly Pakistan’s circular debits are all time high, export is all time low and rupee all time low but twisted figures presented to economic forums after taking trillions of loan from (which increases the poverty as it has to be recovered from Pakistani people by imposing more taxes). list goes on and on… Good thing is one criminals has been identified and barred from contesting election, hope all of corrupt politicians keep getting exposed and Pakistan clean up and pace for real development. Hopes are wth PTI to come in power which has changed the face of K-P in 4 years and bring in reforms and projects for people of K-P province (for Health, Education and Justice System) which PMLN despite in 30 years of Govt. in Punjab and PPP’s 30 years of Govt. in Sindh were unable to think about.

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