Why are the naysayers saying the COVID-19 isn’t real?


Why are the naysayers saying the COVID-19 isn’t real?

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  1. Generally there is a lot of claims of things on the Internet, some are correct and some are not and it is difficult to distinguish between them.

    Typical claims on the Internet are (some of which I consider true, some false):

    The Moon Landing didn’t happen

    The Earth is round

    The COVID-19 epidemic isn’t real

    Vaccines do not work

    Vaccines cause autism

    Merkel/Germany is controlling the EU

    Bill Gates wants to put microchips into people to control their diseases

    HIV is not a disease

    The Middle Ages did not take place at the time when it is claimed

    Evolution is a fact

    All of these you can believe or not and the same reasoning goes for the Coronavirus.

    (please note that I am a mostly science guy so I tend to not believe the denial things, I have changed some claims the other way around to make it more varied)

    edit: to the guy who sent me an edit suggestion, i have intentionally included some claims that are true (or that most people would consider true), but obviously other people don’t.

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