Why are there non-Arab Muslims disliking Arabs?

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  1. Non-Arab Muslims hate Arabs because Arabs promoted ultra-racism and historical treachery against non-Arab subjects, something no other Muslims like, leave alone those who are not Muslims. I think it is extremely permanent in other Muslim countries, those who don’t use Arabic as the first language, or having varied ethnics.

    For instance, the Indian, Bangladeshi, Lankan and Pakistani Muslims have long been considered just second subjects in the Gulf. Same for Indonesians.

    Muslims of Turkic origins, like Turkish, Azerbaijani and Central Asian Turks, despise the Arabs, especially the Turks of Turkey, mainly because of historical riots by Arab Wahhabists and later, Arab Revolt toppling the Ottoman Empire.

    Afghans hate Arabs because Arabs supported the Taliban throughout the war against normal Afghans, including many Pashtuns who hate Taliban as well.

    Iranians and Tajiks dislike Arabs because the Arabs were the cause for national calamities of Persia. Kurds hate Arabs because the Arabs supported genocide against Kurds.

    Black Muslims of Sub-Saharan Africa has long not recognized equal even by many Black Arabs. Black Arabs consider fellow skin Sub-Saharan Muslims inferior.

    Albanians and Bosniaks are even hostile to Arabs, especially the former, since Albania has a cultural tolerance and they believe the Arabs are looking to destroy Albania’s ancient root. Bosniaks accused Arabs for not providing any helps (most weapons and mujahideen support came from Iran, Turkey and Pakistan).

    Even in Morocco and Algeria, there is a growing trend that Arab racism against fellow Amazighs led to the racial tensions.

    Caucasian Muslims of Caucasus Mountains feel the Salafism and Wahhabism are increasingly destroying their social life.

    I think the major problem lie on racial racism and the practice of Arabs in general. It seems like despite the Arabs are the first to Islam, they don’t bother it, and they openly practice racial segregation, this is still alive today. Moreover, the Arabs are blamed for causing calamities for many people, rather than helping them. Islam of Arab World we have today is mostly indoctrinated from Saudi Arabia, further shaping the image of Arab World, in the worst way as possible.

    This is why Muslims of non-Arab origins considering Arabs as an evil and unhealthy people. They feel the Arabs do not respect even the religion the Prophet invented.

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