Why aren’t soldiers equipped with a tool that they can place over live grenades instead of throwing them back at the enemy and risking themselves?

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  1. A grenade is one of the scariest things out there you can hold. There is a tension the first time you use one that causes mistakes. Most ranges have railroad ties in front of you, and a large pit. Someone will be beside you the whole time. Pull the pin, let the handle spring off, lob it out there, hop in the hole. Fucking weekly some dude will toss the pin and drop the grenade. It’s insane. Which gets us to your bomb smothering device. It’s not even taught anymore to cook it off before tossing it, just way dangerous. Many medal of honor citations involve people diving on top of one. Its not pretty, but many have jumped on their helmet. And even that is a barely survivable event with modern kevlar helmets. So your device would need to be about another helmet size and reinforced beyond issue ones. I like where your minds at but doesn’t seem to merit its usefulness. I can count on 1 hand the number of times I’ve had one thrown at me.

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