Why can you die of tuberculosis?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 11, 2020 11:28 AM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 11, 2020 11:29 AM

I’m not sure what you think the symptoms of tuberculosis can be, so not leading to death? It is a chronic infection, so won’t kill you within 10 days like a pneumonia would.

Lung tuberculosis is the form we see most, it needs treatment with meds for at least 6 months to eradicate the disease in the patient, so poor uneducated people having to take lots of drugs while already feeling OK, often will stop prematurely, leading to the development of multi-resistant tuberculosis, hard to treat, rife e.g. in Russian prisons. This we try to prevent by DOT direct observed treatment where lay health workers dispense the drugs to the patients, so adherence to treatment is managed and monitored.
This will over time destroy one’s lungs, just not as fast other bacterial pneumonias, and without functioning lungs we need to get enough oxygen into our body we will die. This must be clear to you.
This shows you the extensive destruction of both upper lobes of lungs of someone who died because of that

this is how they should look (yellowish after having been fixed in formalin)

Tuberculosis can infect your bowels, causing malnutrition and death, infection through the bloodstream in the membranes of your brains, tuberculous meningitis, this will kill you too, bone tuberculosis usually won’t kill, but maim you seriously, e.g. having a vertebra collapse. Tuberculosis can also infect your internal genitals, liver, kidneys, pancreas, the voice box (larynx), the windpipe (trachea), and many more, in fact any other organ, including the eyes.

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