Why can’t I make chicken that tastes like KFC?

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  1. KFC’s cooking method, which requires a custom built pressure fryer, depends on chicken being cooked in fairly large batches.

    Here’s the problem with fried chicken that Harlan Sanders solved:

    If it’s cooked at too hot a temperature, the chicken quickly dries out on the outside before it’s cooked on the inside
    If it’s cooked at too low a temperature, the inside of the chicken tastes boiled.
    Sanders’ patented cooking system gives you the best of both worlds. When the chicken is first put in the cooker, the oil is very hot and quickly fries the outside of the chicken, including the skin. This gives it the crispy consistency.

    However, the large amount of chicken quickly lowers the temperature of the oil so the chicken doesn’t overcook. However, since it’s under pressure, the water inside the chicken can be superheated so the consistency of the chicken makes it taste fried instead of boiled. It cooks faster too.

    Also, it’s an open secret that the material the chicken is dipped in is just flour, salt, black pepper and MSG.

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