Why did Altaf Hussain betray Muhajirs?


Why did Altaf Hussain betray Muhajirs?

Mudassir Ali 11 months 1 Answer 148 views

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  1. Altaf Hussain was the founder of MQM and convenor. Due to threats to his life and a violent environment he fled the country to UK, where he was able gain asylum and eventually became citizen. He continued running the MQM from away. How? not many know.

    Soon it became obvious that he couldn’t return to Pakistan due to huge number of (fake or real ) cases against him in Pakistani courts. Now any right minded leader would have vacated his position so that the party could elect new local leadership and continued with its mission. Not Mr. Altaf. In fact he became a source of embarrassment for the entire community. He accomplished nothing.

    Why did he do it, same reasons as all the other corrupt politicians, financial gain, power, ego etc. I am glad he is gone and the community can make real progress towards its goals

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