Why did America elect Donald Trump for US President?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 11, 2020 04:56 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 11, 2020 04:56 PM

Best answer: I certainly don’t agree with him much, but Michael Moore hit the nail on the head. He predicted a Trump win long before the election because he talked to regular Americans on the streets and in the countryside. Trump was indeed many Americans’ “hand grenade” at Washington DC. We literally hate the corrupt political machine of politicians beholden to rich people who can afford to fund their campaigns and ask for favors in return. We’re sick of the ridiculous government wasting of our money on stupid things, like solar beer projects and billions spent paying for the vacations of government employees put on administrative leave or asking for more millions every year for programs like Head Start – a program shown by the government’s own study to be an utter failure. What was Washington’s reaction to that study? Spend millions more! Maybe, if we just throw enough money at a bloated worthless government program, it will miraculously start working great!!! We’re tired of paying twice what Europe does for medications. We’re frightened that colleges and universities are becoming beyond our reach, unless we’re willing to take on a near lifetime of debt to further our education. While the rich in Washington send their kids to private schools they force the rest of us to send our kids to government schools dumbed down so no kid is offended. We get mad when the government takes over healthcare and in just a few short years has made a total hell of a mess, pricing insurance beyond the reach of the lower working middle class. I literally see more people without insurance now than I ever did before “Obamacare.” Political correctness has gone so idiotically far as to tell use we need to sacrifice freedom of speech to the god of not causing a micro-aggression. The Left has gotten insane and like it or not, many liberals are leaving the Democrats because of it. The far left is a cancer and the pendulum is swinging toward moderates and conservatives as a result. Generation Z is the most conservative generation since WWII. We moderates and conservatives are really sick and tired of Democrats and Republicans alike! Trump really was neither and of course, all the left hates him and many far right Republicans do too. We figured electing Trump would be the best way to tell the politicians just how highly we think of them – basically no better than a spoiled rich juvenile tycoon. Then, surprisingly to many of us, Trump actually set out to fulfill his promises, so unlike a politician that in quiet whispers we started believing again. Sure, he’s an irritating jerk and often quite nutty, but dang if he hasn’t stopped some of the insanity in Washington and for once, at least we see the President for who and what he is, instead of acting all polite and politically correct while in private saying and doing monstrous things. I think “the wall” idea is totally stupid, but cutting waste sure isn’t. I like the economy humming, stocks going up, businesses rehiring, people scraping by again instead of being attacked by their own government policies designed to put America last. Yup. I’ll likely vote for him again…

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