Why did East Pakistan separate from West Pakistan?

Mudassir Ali
Dec 28, 2019 07:38 AM 0 Answers
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Why did East Pakistan separate from West Pakistan?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 28, 2019 07:38 AM

Well there are two type of Pakistanis with different type of views, first type is of the people (including me) who think that we lost East Pakistan because of our own negligence. Let me explain it:

Bengalis wanted Bengali as the official language of the country but West Pakistanis rejected it on the basis that it would raise ethinism. This point was true but the main thing which provoked Bengalis was the killing of 12 Bengalis students when they were protesting our Urdu as national language. This was the reason why we celebrate International language day on 21 February.
They stated that the single largest Pakistani export is Jute and the largest part of Budget spending is military. There is no major border issue with India on the East Pakistan side. So Bengali wealth was being transfered to West Pakistan. Which was in fact was true.
In West Pakistan the number of education and health care facilities increased by 160% where as in East Pakistan the increase was only 33%.
The per capita income in W.P was 313 or around it and while in the E.P it was around 280 or around it.
The toofan Bola which killed 5 million people in east Pakistan was like the final nail in the coffin. India was the first country to provide aid to E.P and Bengalis were offended to know that the aid too would come not by air but much slowly by road.
Not accepting the 1970 election result was the final event to turn it upside down for W.P.

Now the second type of Pakistanis they put the whole blame on India’s intervention totally forgetting the human rights violation W.P has made in E.P. In one of Pakistan’s textbook I found a very hilarious thing regarding the separation.

Punjab Textbook Board published the following text on the causes for the separation of East Pakistan in 1993 for secondary classes.

There were a large number of Hindus in East Pakistan. They had never truly accepted Pakistan. A large number of them were teachers in schools and colleges.

They continued creating a negative impression among students. No importance was attached to explaining the ideology of Pakistan to the younger generation.

The Hindus sent a substantial part of their earnings to Bharat, thus adversely affecting the economy of the province. Some political leaders encouraged provincialism for selfish gains. They went around depicting the central Government and (the then) West Pakistan as enemy and exploiter. Political aims were thus achieved at the cost of national unity.

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