Why did India and Pakistan go to war?


Why did India and Pakistan go to war?

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  1. Originally Answered: Why are India and Pakistan at war?
    There was an old man dying. He had some fields,houses,shops and animals as property. He wanted to distribute them rightly among his two children.

    He called five elders and ordered them to follow two conditions regarding distribution of property.

    1. Elder brother has to divide the property.

    2. Younger one shall have first choice to choose among those two divisions.

    After his death , the elders supervised the matter like that only. The elder one had to divide correctly , because he had to take left over!

    Everything was smooth. Both brothers lived happily with co operation and occasionally remembered their father for his forethought.

    Here the intention of the father was taking care of both his sons even after death.

    But in the case of division of India in 1947 ,British did not do justice to either India or Pakistan. They made divisions randomly at shortest time and there were no elders to look after for certain time.

    And their intention was not peace in the region. Otherwise 1 million people would not have been killed during partition,when British were still ruling.

    The result is ,

    1. Kashmir is between three countries and an ever boiling point.

    2. BD separated.

    3. Wars between India and Pakistan.

    4. Both India and Pakistan have to spend huge money on weapons rather than education or health sectors.

    A permanent mistrust.

    This is the basic reason for war between India and Pakistan.

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