Why did Pakistan release Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman?

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Jan 15, 2020 03:04 PM 1 Answers
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Why did Pakistan release Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman?

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Oct 01, 2021

I have to write it anonymously because all information is sensitive though much is now in public domain and I am not in position to disclose such information or produce proofs of these, still all is very true.

I am writing it so that every Indian must come to know Indian strength, India’s strong will power and it’s status at international level and must become proud of India.

On that day about 11:00 am India had accepted that VC Abhinandan was in Pakistan custody after areal encounter in which Pakistan F16 was destroyed by India. Before that all strategies were decided and implementation were started.

During that period major difference which India was experiencing, was strong leadership and political will power in the form of Hon. Mr. Prime Minister, which come after long time.

There was 3 main grounds. One Military, second International Diplomacy and third Media.

At military level India gave very very strong and clear signals of aggression. India had prepared 36 ballistic missiles in ready to launch state targeting major military bases and air bases of Pakistan.

At Navi level Indian warship and some submarines were headed towards Karachi to block Pakistan.

All Indian air bases kept on high alert and in fighting position. All military camps on border were alerted for war like situation.

India was ready with such huge preparation ( which later on hinted by Hon Mr. PM saying that” Wo Raat phir Qatl ki Raat hoti” meaning that would have been deadly night for Pakistan)

On International and Diplomatic level, India had already briefed US President and National security advisor along with Israel and mainly Saudi Arabia.

At Media level, Indian officials continued their stand that India won’t negotiate and Pakistan had to return VC Abhinandan.

Till afternoon Pakistani authorities had realised that India was planning for something very very big though they were not aware of all details.

Meanwhile Foreign Affairs Minister of Saudi Arabia interacted with Mr. Imran khan and made him to realise seriousness of the issue. US National security advisor also called Mr. Imran Khan. Both these authorities pressurised Mr. Imran khan tremendously to return VC Abhinandan and avoid war or war like situation.

In Pakistan ISI and Military were not ready to hand over VC Abhinandan but after realising Indian aggression and preparations they kept holding meetings. After US and Saudi Arabia’s pressure Pakistan became helpless and had nothing but to announce VC Abhinandan release in it’s hand. So around 5 pm Mr. Imran khan made announcement about VC Abhinandan’ s release in his parliament.

Though Pakistan created some drama and delayed release still ultimately it had done that to avoid consequences.

Thus ultimately it’s Indian diplomacy and aggressive policies which played key role in changing situation in India’s favour with in just few hours and releasing VC Abhinandan.

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