Why do some Arabs use the word “Turki” as a name or a surname?

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  1. Historically speaking, someone who carried the name (last name to be specific) of “Turki” was most likely descended from the region of Turkey, because at some point in history the Islamic nation spread over a wide area of the globe from India to Spain, and because of that at the time it was much within the culture to identify people and their families by either their Origins, Professions or other affiliations .

    so there were last names denoting a persons origins from a place like:

    Al Turki التركى ( The Turkish)

    Al Halabi الحلبى (of Aleppo)

    Al Saudi السعودى (The Saudi Arabian)

    Al Masry المصرى ( The Egyptian)

    but with time and multiple generations carrying those names became irrelevant to the proffession or the origins and some people started using them as first names even either because they like them, or were hoping to start their own families.

    So now some people call their children Turki تركي or Masry مصرى ( you will notice than when using it as a first name they drop the definitive Article Al because it is no longer used to identify affiliations through a last name but simply as a name).


    whenever i hear the name Turki i’m instantly reminded of Turkish from the movie Snatch XD

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