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  1. Originally Answered: Why do we need school?

    We need school because three of the primary purposes of human civilization are:

    1. To conserve the aquired knowledge of our culture.
    2. To impart that knowledge to young people so that they may participate as adult members of society.
    3. To mentor said young people so that they acquire not only facts and knowledge but also judgement to use them to benefit themselves as well as society as a whole.

    We need school because learning is an interactive process, which works best when many learners interact not only with a teacher, but with each other. In this way, we learn from others success and failure (sometimes!) as well as from our own.
    We need school because the process of educating the young and bringing them into adult roles is itself a learning process, and this knowledge must be developed, preserved and passed on to future teachers.
    And we need school because we need to learn that life is not about learning the answer, but about learning to ask the right questions.

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