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  1. Simple answer: because that is the law.
    Do you know why we really attend school?
    It’s because a better version hasn’t been effective yet. There are some great innovators such as:
    -Kahn Academy
    I’m sure there are many more, this just is not my specific knowledge forte.
    Imagine a world in which children learn core knowledge for survival, and then customize their schooling to their strengths.
    Imagine child A: She is a thinker. She is outgoing and friendly, yet gets overwhelmed easily by too much sensory experiences. She enjoys puzzles, and coloring, and especially loves shopping and designing. Her dream is to grow up to be a baker.
    If this child is from a society in which the parents can afford to pay to build on her strengths, she will probably have had experienced all of these and more by the time she is thinking about her career planning.
    If not, she may never tap into her raw power of talent that was visible to her parents when she was just four years old.
    Here is child b: Loves to make people laugh. He will make up a silly or outrageous stories about his day, just so that his parents will smile. He needs to know how everything works, and by the time he is three, has broken every new toy he has received by taking them apart. He has a ton of energy and loves to roughhouse.
    What if children had to take placement tests before entering first grade, and then got tracked based on their strengths? No specialty teacher? No problem. A faculty member is assigned to build a cariculum off of YouTube (or internet resources).
    what if we built a website were kids can learn the things that are relevant to their strengths?
    we can teach them at age appropriate levels. We can have them display their work on our site, which is linked to an instagram account with a username that can only linked back to them with their parent’s consent. We can teach them how to photograph their work and social media marketing techniques, so that when they are ready, their page becomes advertisement for themselves.
    We can teach them to be successful in the new world of internet business!
    Do you like this idea? Take it and make it reality. Want to partner with me to develop it? I will be glad to help out.

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