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  1. I support Nawaz Sharif, because I saw Pakistan growing under his leadership. Here are few facts:


    The economy of Pakistan is continuously growing since June 2013 (The day Nawaz took oath)

    (Growing Pakistan)

    Stock Exchange KSE 100 index have risen from 20000 points to 40000 points in three years
    GDP growth rate have risen to 4.3% annually
    People living under the line of poverty have decreased from 24% (2011) to 17% (2015)
    Unemployment have decreased from 6.5% (2013) to 4% (2016)
    Minimum wages are raised to 14000 PKR

    Universities continue to grow. Each university have almost doubled its students in last 5 years
    Literacy rate in Punjab (where PMLN is in government since 2008) have risen to 71%
    Laptop Scheme (PTI is criticizing it in Punjab, copying it in KPK)
    PEEF (Punjab Education Endowment Fund) have helped 150,000 poor and needy students.


    The lose in railway budget is reducing each year since 2013 with a massive above the hope collection of revenue (32 billion) in 2015
    The overall performance of trains have improved. The customer experience have very much improved by providing clean water, clean environment, fresh food and WIFI in trains.
    New E-Ticketing service is recently launched. Now, train tickets can be reserved from home.

    Energy Sector:-

    Load Shedding have decreased from 12-16 hours daily (2012) to 6-8 hours now.
    LPG Gas (Imported from Qatar) is used in industrial areas which is cheaper than Natural Gas and environment friendly as compared to burning wood.
    New Electric Projects include
    Terbela 5
    Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower project
    QuaideAzam Solar Park
    Thar Coal Project
    Iran-Pakistan Gas pipeline project is under construction

    (Quaid E Azam solar Park)

    Foreign Policy:

    Nawaz Sharif (also the foreign minister of Pakistan) delivered wonderful speech in UN in 2013.
    But his speech in 2016 was just MINDBLOWING. First time in more than four decades, the case of Kashmir is presented in front of International community so well
    The credit of Pak-China CPEC goes to Nawaz Sharif. China government is going to invest 48 billion USD in Pakistan.
    And under his leadership, Pakistan performed Atomic Tests and become the 7th Atomic Power in the World (1998).

    (Signing CPEC)

    War on Terror:

    Nawaz Sharif started Karachi operation in 2013. The operation is still continued and criminals, gangs and terrorist are being arrested and sentenced.
    Operation Zarb e Azab is one of the biggest and most successful anti terrorism operation ever. Inshallah Pakistan and South Asia will be terrorist free
    Now helpers and sympathisers of terrorists can’t hide either. Combing operation is pursuing them too.

    (PM Pakistan, Sharif)

    There are many more reasons but I think this is enough for now. I know that Nawaz Sharif is not perfect. PMLN have many corrupt members too. But overall, they are better than PPP, PTI or other options.

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