Why do you support Imran Khan?

Mudassir Ali
Dec 19, 2019 03:32 PM 0 Answers
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Why do you support Imran Khan?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 19, 2019 03:32 PM

Why I support Imran khan? This is a bit tricky question for me. Pakistan is a corrupt society. There is no future for ideaological politics. Jamat Islami and other religious parties never succeeded except for short period in 2002 elections. Other minor ideaological groups were short lived. Bhutto PPP started as ideaological party based on socialism principal but started compromising immediately after came into power. All poweful fuedal lords joined PPP and still PPP strength lies with electable fuedal lords. With the presence of strong military establishment and consequently their interferences into politics. They promote, nourish and bring into power the people of their choice. The social fabric of our society is woven through hypocricy, jealousy,enemity, greed, ethnic divde, linguistic divide,sectarian divide, lies, cries, wheeling dealing and cheating. With such charasteristics the nation produce only pygmy stature in poltics and in other fields as well. Look at our polticians. Altaf established a party on the grievances of mohajars and once party got established and got strength. He started syphoning money through killing , abducting for ransome, bhutta and comissions of development projects executed during his party rule. Fazal Rahman . His islam means islamabad even under woman rule. Zardari. Once he married to BB, he wanted to become the riches pakistani. Sharifs . They are family and very clever. They are business men. They have all the good or bad ingrediants of pakistani businessmen. They realy destroyed all civil institutions by fixing their loyal people. They put their favourite junior people on higher position to do corruption. Now it is obvious that they have built their family empire. Each member of sharifs are multi billionaire. Not only they but their close associates also became very rich. Every body can see that and that is without any prejudice. Such class of people can never build a nations. So our nation is more divided than before. Our leadership is political pygmies.

Then left Imran khan. He established his party on a slogan of social justice. People liked him and his party’s ideaology but could not transform into a popular party. Because the social structure of the society was not conducive to the progress of his party. Why not conducive, one example will elaborate. Now a days news channel go to voters and ask to whom you will vote. Voter say nawaz shirifs. When anchor say nawaz is corrupt and convicted then voter say” bhai khata hy tu lagata bhi hy”. It means the society has accepted corruption as culture of society. People want their work done rightly or wrongly. People want money righly or wtongly. People want to become rich rightly or wrongly. People use their positions in government to get benefit rightly or wrong. Society was not conducive to his party’s ideaology. Ultimately he compromised to bring same corrupt electables.

How I can choose Imran khan when the formation and structure of all parties are same. Can he deliver with his team. The answer is silence. Can he bring change? I got confused. Now I started looking at where IK is different from others. Yes he is honest. Better than others. Can he build a team who can deliver. May be because 3 evidences are avaiable for ready reference. Cricket team, SK and Namal university. Politics, building nation and improving economy is a very complex in nature. U need to select right people, assigning clear and defined roles. Keeping them within the boundries of their role.Monitoring system. Accountability system. His ability to get best out of his each subordinate. Can he do it. Imran is easily convinced and act ptomptly. Here is his weakness. So i have few hopes and many doubts. Should I go back to Nawaz, zardari, fazal and Altaf. No no not at all.

Then why I should support Imran khan. The answer I found from the political conduct of idian muslims. Indian muslims after many decades supporting congress but could not get rid of their sufferings. Indian muslims knew that muslims at their own strength will never come into power but identified their sole enemy is BJP. What indian muslim did that instead of supporting any party they took their decision at constituency level. They see which candidate possibly can defeat the BJP candidate will vote for him as a group vote bank. In one constituency they vote for congress, next constituency they vote for samaj wadi party, then next constituency they vote for bhojan samaj party and so on. They don’t elect any party but reject BJP. Similarly I say reject Pmln, ppp, mqm altaf and jui. They have already sucked this nation for many decades. Now only choice is left is IK. So I support Imran khan and give chance to my hopes attached to him. I request all pakistani who love their country to support Iman khan.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 19, 2019 03:33 PM

He is a graduate of Oxford.
He used to be a chancellor at Cambridge.
He asked Cambridge to open a branch in Pakistan instead of salary which shows his devotion.
He opened the most advanced cancer treatment hospital Shaukat Khanum for poor people which gives them free treatment.
Not just him, nearly everyone in his party is highly educated and successful be it Asad Umer, Aleem Khan, Shireen Mazari etc.
He is the only person in parliament who criticizes govt of Nawaz, probably the most corrupt government that has ever existed, and takes serious issues like Panama leaks, rigging.
He has revolutionized KPK province unlike any other political party.
Never involved in any corruption scandal.
Has social and leadership qualities unlike Nawaz Sharif who can’t even give a interview.
Never wanted Pakistan to get involved in America’s war on terror and openly criticized govt for selling Pakistani to American drones.
Holds army in high regard unlike other politicians who seem to blame army for everything.
Never gets escorted by a protocol and doesn’t abuse his authority.
Does inspirational speeches which turns everyone into his fan like Junaid Jamshaid, Abrar ul Haq etc.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 19, 2019 03:33 PM

He has a Strong Educational Background.

He has Professional achievement in his Career.

He has a renowned name in Charity and he built 03 State of the art Cancer Hospital in Pakistan.

He always speaks truth.

He is fighting against the Powerful Status Coup of the country which has looted Pakistan very badly.

He has bought reforms in Education and Health Sector of KPK Province in which his Party made government in General Elections of 2013.

He successfully Completed over 300 Mini Hydro Power Plant Project across KPK province.

Ho depoliticize the Police of Province and improved the Police System Hence the Crime rate of the Province gone down.

He worked on development of Infrastructure across the Province and pay special attention toward Human development.

Inshallah he will be the next PM of Pakistan after Elections of 2018.

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