Why does Indian Rupee lags behind Pakistan currency?


Why does Indian Rupee lags behind Pakistan currency?

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  1. Many presume that the question is wrong. I can tell for sure that the question is right except for small correction. Replace Indian rupee with Indian Paise.

    Yeah Indian paise definitely lags behind Pakistani rupee because they have swindled huge amounts in the form of aid from US in the name of fight against terror(of course created by themselves) & Saudi in the name of religion and huge loans from China obtained by mortgaging their country. They have got the biggest beggining bowl in the world. They are milking money even from the critically endangered houbara bustard. The poor bird, its only mistake being native to a hell hole. If they were present in some other country like China or India, their status would have been improving in the iucn list. Recently the prime minister of Pakistan sold few buffaloes to refill the country’s coffers.

    Today’s news: Greek police fire tear gas into refugee protestors most of whom are from Pakistan and Afghanistan. If afghans its okay, but why Pakistan? It’s the land of pure and carved out of India to escape perceived oppression from kuffars. Today they themselves are seeking refuge in khuffar lands.

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