Why does Nigeria have such a bad reputation in the …

umaan waqar
Apr 18, 2020 08:58 AM 0 Answers
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Why does Nigeria have such a bad reputation in the world?

umaan waqar
- Apr 18, 2020 08:58 AM

Simple. The bad reputation of Nigeria is recurrently caused by Nigerians. The corruption seed has been ingrained in every sector of our society and this has no panacea anytime soon . From the politicians who budget money for a budget that will never be done to taking kickbacks from the below par contractors the hand out contract to ,to the popular internet fraudsters ( Nigerian prince rings a bell anyone),and it also extends to the market woman who hikes the prices of commodity and goods in market place with the excuse that there is an increment in the dollar value .

Nigerians love ripping each other apart . It’s like we derive joy when we put another in a quagmire . Take for instance ,a trader who bought a commodity for sale at a low price and when there was availability of of such a good or commodity,will love to sale same item for triple the amount when there is scarcity .

Last year,whilst still a student , I resided in a student area and all the traders in my area of residency took advantage of the fact we were students and perceived us as wealthy to hike prices of anything on sale . A bag of sachet water ( pure water ) was sold to the retailers by the company distributors at *80 per bag ,but these rippers would in turn sell to us at a whopping price of *150 ,hence recovering their initial purchase x3 ( 70 naira gain from the sale price and over 150 more when the sachet water is sold at *10 per sachet) . Still on this issue of ripping her people apart comes the issue of recharge cards . I cant fathom the rationale behind me buying airtime at an additional price of 10 naira .

Also ,the fundamental human rights of the citizenry is under constant abuse by the para military bodies of all levels .

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