Why does Pakistan want Kashmir?

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Why does Pakistan want Kashmir?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 19, 2019 03:16 PM

The word Pakistan was coined by Choudhry Rahmat Ali[1] in 1933. Originally the word was Pakstan meant collective term for regions of Punjab, North-West Frontier Province (Afghan Province), Kashmir, Sind and Baluchistan. They added an i later to ease pronunciation and it became Pakistan. Pakistan by the virtue of what it was supposed to be is incomplete without Kashmir.

Kashmir valley is one of the oldest regions in the world. It is mentioned in Nilmata Purana [2] and by Kalhana in Rajatarangini[3] . It was a Hindu majority society which had it’s romances with Buddhism and finally settled at being a Muslim majority region at the time of independence. Both Nehru and Jinnah had been courting Kashmir and it’s leaders especially Sheikh Abdulla who was close to Nehru. Jinnah had even come to Kashmir four times before formation of Pakistan. Add to it Allama Iqbal the spiritual father of Pakistan was a Kashmiri and termed the dream of Muslim India would be incomplete without freedom of Kashmir. Nehru was a Kashmiri too and wanted the valley to be part of India at any cost.

Hari singh who was the king of Jammu and Kashmir at that time wanted to be independent. He even allowed a massacre [4] of Muslims in Jammu to be carried out. It followed by Hindus being Killed in what is now called Azad Kashmir. Kashmir valley remained on boil but was largely peaceful. It was then followed by invasion of tribal pakhtuns killing Hindus in the region. Hari singh fearing a full invasion of state (they had already entered kashmir valley) by Pakistan signed instrument of accession with India. It thus legally became a part of India. The Indian army was able to drive these tribal forces out of Kashmir.Thus present day valley belongs to India. Nehru on advice of Mountbatten took the issue to UN. The war was stopped and present day LOC boundaries were drawn.
Few more wars were fought, operation Gibraltar[5] was launched which failed due to lack of local support for Pakistan in 1965. Then came few more wars and later it was shifted to a proxy war. Pakistan fully understood it was impossible to get Kashmir by a conventional war. So they backed the rebel groups which thanks to the policies of Indian government had been alienated in 1980’s and this led to an armed revolution in Kashmir. That failed with thousands dead and millions effected. It had so many Kashmiris dead that an entire generation never saw what a peaceful childhood meant. When kids in other parts remember Shaktiman, we here have memories of crackdowns and curfews.Exodus of a minority community took place from the land they were born in. This armed revolution is almost dead now though some sparks are still seen .

Kashmir was a Muslim majority region, by that virtue it should have gone to Pakistan. Jammu being Hindu majority region should have gone to India. Even Patel suggested something on these lines. Historically thus Pakistan has tried everything in order to get Kashmir. They claim it on basis of religion and India claims it on basis of instrument of accession and historic relations they have with it. Not kidding we Kashmiris are yet to be asked what we want.
It needs water security

The Indus supports about 90 percent of Pakistan’s agriculture. If the river flow is changed it can have catastrophe in Pakistan. Two major tributaries of Indus Jhelum and Chenab come from J&K.[6]

It feels Kashmir should have gone to Pakistan because of Muslim majority.

The state like in 1947 still has a Muslim majority. With Kashmir nearly having nearly 97% Muslims. They feel by sheer numbers of Muslims it belongs to them.

They want to get one over India.

India broke Paksitan into two different countries. It was only after that Kashmir and Khalistan insurgency was fully supported by Pakistan with money,men and materials. The two nations have never been at peace and breaking a part of it will be a victory for Pakistan.

It will fail the idea of secular inclusive India.

It will fully confirm that Jinnah was right and partition was a necessity. The secular all inclusive India was never possible. Hindus and Muslims cannot live together. This will be an ideological victory for state of Pakistan.Jinnah once called Kashmir the Jugular vein of Pakistan and termed Paksitan incomplete without it.

They will additional land and resources too.

To conclude it we Kashmiris are caught between Atoot angh and Jugular vein. With both parts feeling their nations are incomplete without getting us. Both countries have certain benefits on getting hold of Kashmir. Both will go to any end to achieve it.

Yet the heart yearns for the day when both countries will learn to live together and this region will have everlasting peace. When we really will become the atoot angh and Jugular vein simultaneously.

Mashal Khan the student who was lynched in Pakistan wrote this once, i have no idea if he was the original poet.

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