Why does Russia have so few corona virus cases?


Why does Russia have so few corona virus cases?

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  1. imely measures to close the borders were able to stop the coronavirus at the very beginning of the journey – on February 1, Russia closed its borders with China.

    But then the coronavirus moved to the EU. Russia closed the borders with Italy and Spain. But these measures were ineffective – there are no actual borders in the EU. The virus began to enter Russia through other countries. We had to completely close the borders with the EU and the USA at the end of February, but this was not done.

    In March, the virus entered Russia. In the first half of March, almost all cases of coronavirus in Russia were imported – tourists who returned to Russia from the EU brought the virus with them.

    In the second half of March, the number of internal cases began to increase rapidly – this is contact infection. It became obvious that in Russia the most likely European scenario is the development of events. President Putin quarantined the week of March 28 through April 5.

    People can not leave their homes unnecessarily, a walk to the store, a pharmacy, to help relatives, and walking animals is allowed. E-tickets for pensioners and children are temporarily blocked. Entertainment centers are closed and most organizations, schools, sports centers, kindergartens, government agencies now work only via the Internet. These measures should help prevent the Italian scenario.

    Follow-up will be determined later, depending on the results of quarantine.

    At the moment, in Russia:

    the number of infected – 1049

    the number of cured – 47

    the number of dead – 4

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