Why does USA want war with Iran?

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Why does USA want war with Iran?

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Oct 01, 2021

Originally Answered: Why is the USA fighting Iran?

Because that’s what the US does. Every 5 years they look for a new country to invade and steal its resources.

Iran has the 4th largest oil reserves in the world. Iraq was rich in oil. Libya had one of the biggest oil reserves in Africa. Venezuela have the largest oil reserves in the world. See a pattern?

Anyone who says this war isn’t about natural resources is either naïve or fundamentally dishonest.

Every time there’s an excuse, a cover up. In Iraq it was WMDs, which turned out to be a lie. For Libya, Gaddafi was a “terrible dictator” who slaughtered his own people. Same goes for Syria, and now Venezuela. As for Iran, it’s nuclear weapons. Iran can’t have nukes, because that’s a right reserved only to the US and Israel.

But let’s dissect this nuclear weapons thing. In 2015 the US, Russia, Germany, Britain, France and China reached a historic agreement with Iran, later labelled “The Iran nuclear deal”. The deal specifically stated that Iran cannot enrich uranium over a certain limit. They were allowed to enrich a small percentage for research and power purposes.

This deal greatly angered the Saudis, who saw it as their closest ally establishing ties with their biggest enemy. Israel hated it because they never wanted to negotiate with the Ayatollahs, they wanted outright regime change.

And so came Trump. In May 2018, he pulled the US out of the deal, and re-installed sanctions on Iran. Basically, don’t do business with Iran if you want the US by your side. Even tho the IAEA (International atomic energy agency) reported dozens of times that Iran never cheated on the deal and completely stuck to it, Israeli intelligence kept accusing Iran of cheating and so the US caved to its master’s wishes and abandoned the deal.

Don’t believe me? Every other country is still in the deal. Why didn’t the EU pull out if the intelligence was credible? It’s so obvious.

The US wants every country to submit to its leadership, and those who don’t will simply be invaded. You thought we lived in the world of diplomacy, you thought wrong. The strong rules the weak, It’s the law of the jungle that applies to us today. The biggest military gets to dictate how the world is run. Because other than that the US has nothing to offer the world in morals or values, certainly not their broken democracy.

Unfortunately for them, Iran is 10 times harder to conquer than Iraq. Iraq was divided at the time of Saddam, Iranians are very much gonna resist. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the Ayatollahs and their brutal repressive regime, but it’s the people of Iran who will determine its future, and they will never allow a foreign entity to dictate to them how things should be done in their own country.

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