Why doesn’t today’s education have any use?

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  1. Too bad you have too bad you have that attitude because I’ll tell you this I’m 82 and without an education I don’t care how good you are you aren’t going anywhere not in today’s world there was a time you could become self educated and get somewhere a blinking is a pretty good example of that but you know what I think of all the pressures he didn’t have on them that are on young people today you can’t begin to list all the crap that young people have to put up with today no wonder they have a poor attitude towards education you got to go into debt to get a decent education how many people are born into wealthy parents not everybody the average American needs an education to maintain income level compatible with the expenses of today I’m lucky to be 82 paid my dues I worked in for 58 years and now I’m enjoying my life I’m living off the government at $1,380 a month that’s because I know how to do most everything myself I don’t have to hire people I do it all that’s why I’m glad I’m a shop teacher I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none and I like it that way because if it wasn’t I have to make a hell of a lot of money just to exist your AC goes out your electric is not working right your plumbing isn’t any good oh my God that list is endless I can do it all and I’m very thankful that I can family I guess

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