Why has India locked down Kashmir since August 05 2019?

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  1. Why has India locked down Kashmir since August 05, 2019?

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    Indian government has locked down the state of Kashmir since August 5th 2019 with deceit and trickery to hastily abrogate the article 370, without any discussion with the peopel who are most impacted by it.
    BJP and their ideological party RSS, they have never shown any respect to Indian constitution before also. They don’t believe in following constitutional means, the way they have done is totally unconstitutional.

    They knew that this treachery will cause some serious protest in Kashmir so they already suspended their, internet and phone services, promulgated section 144 and put additional forces in already the most militarized
    zone in the world, to persecute its own population. They do not get tired of saying Kashmir is an integral part
    of India, but they have made it very clear that they need only the land, the mountains, the rivers and the resources of Kashmir people of Kashmir can go to hell.

    They are doing a brutal crackdown in Kashmir in the darkness, whatever news from Kashmir is coming out is not good. Thousands of arbitrary arrests of lawyers, doctors, journalists and human rights activists have taken place. Hundreds of boys, barely teenagers are arrested and brutally beaten up.
    Under the cover of darkness, they will kill, rape, torture and break the spirit of Kashmiri struggle. Everybody understands they would change the demographic at any cost now and Kashmir will not be Muslim majority sate any more.
    The people who are mature thinkers know that this does not break the spirit of struggle, it only strengthens it.
    Jay Parkash Narain, the leader, political activist and freedom fighter wrote in his letter in Hindustan Times on 20th April 1964 about Kashmir.

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