Why haven’t we heard of any coronavirus infections in Russia?

umaan waqar
Apr 24, 2020 04:05 PM 0 Answers
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Why haven't we heard of any coronavirus infections in Russia?

umaan waqar
- Apr 24, 2020 04:06 PM

The Russian government doesn’t have any incentives to do anything about the coronavirus.

The difference between taking action and not taking it seems to be 1% vs 3–4% mortality, mostly among older people. If the government takes drastic measures there will be lockdowns, overloaded hospitals and money money money spent. Which the government doesn’t exactly have in abundance.

But what if they do nothing instead? The elderly will quietly die of unspecified respiratory disease, reducing the strain they are putting on the economy. There will be no panic, and no backlash. The Russian parliament is currently busy rewriting the constitution to let Putin rule indefinitely. They know for a fact that they can do whatever they want and nobody will give a shit. In the end they will just declare that God saved Russia from the virus or whatever.

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