Why is everyone freaking out about the COVID-19 coronavirus? Will …

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Why is everyone freaking out about the COVID-19 coronavirus? Will they find the cure soon?

Mudassir Ali
- Apr 09, 2020 04:09 PM

Originally Answered: Why is everyone freaking out about the Wuhan coronavirus?

I live in China (Suzhou, Jiangsu). This morning (3rd Feb 2020) I just went out to buy some vegetables at a local supermarket. Let me tell you quickly what I just witnessed.

Wuhan Market: source of virus outbreak

As I was about to leave my apartment, someone knocked the door. I opened the door and my body temperature was checked. It was 36.8 ‘C. So, I was fine. Anything beyond 37.2 ‘C means quarantine, immediate isolation. This is a daily routine.

As I passed through the main gate of my building, I saw the following notification:

Basically, asking you to check your body temperature by yourself.

Then I went out, and I was stopped by a security guard, at a street about 200m away from my building of residence. He did the same: checked my temperature. I was fine. I realized that anyone who was passing via that street had to get tested for the body temperature.

In fact, there were quite a few such security guards standing close to each other, each holding the temperature sensor.

Then as I went a bit further, I saw a good number of security guards at the main entrance of each building complexes.

Anyone who is either coming/going from/to any of the buildings in this building complex, has to compulsorily go through the temperature sensor. No exceptions allowed.

Also, you can’t enter supermarket without a mask.

Well, this is the situation in Suzhou, more than 800 km away from Wuhan.

So why? Why are the authorities so serious?

Well, because we still don’t have any reliable vaccine to cure the patient affected with this novel coronavirus. That’s why everyone is freaking out about the Wuhan virus.

In fact, it may take a few months to get the vaccines ready for the common population. This is to say, prevention is still the best cure.

This is an extraordinary time.

Let’s be careful. Let’s cooperate with the government.

Let’s stand with China.

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