Why is Italy experiencing the worst coronavirus outbreak outside of Asia?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 12, 2020 01:45 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 12, 2020 01:46 PM

Italy has tested people in search of coronavirus 10 times more than France, the UK have carried out 6500 tests in a month, Italy 5000 in three days. Italians are obsessed with the fear of disease and when there is a danger of an epidemic they act seriously and really try to contain it.

These are the municipalities in the red zone in Lombardy:

Codogno: approximately 15900 inhabitants;

Casalpusterlengo: about 15200 inhabitants;

Castelgerundo: about 1500 inhabitants;

Castiglione d’Adda: about 4600 inhabitants;

Maleo: about 3000 inhabitants;

Terranova dei Passerini: about 900 inhabitants;

San Fiorano: around 1800 inhabitants;

Somaglia: about 3800 inhabitants;

Fombio: about 2300 inhabitants.

This is the municipality in the red zone in Veneto:

Vo’: 3300 inhabitants.

None of these small towns and villages are tourist attractions and aren’t places where people often travel abroad. They are close to Milan but they are also remote places in the countryside where nothing ever happens and there is only boredom, silence and many older people.

Apparently the two outbreaks are due to the normal life of some groups of friends. The outbreak in Lombardy involved some friends who played football and ran marathons together, the little pub they attended, their family members and their doctors, and the outbreak in Veneto involves people who frequented a small pub in the small village of Vo ‘. Nobody has behaved recklessly or has acted differently from how people act in the UK, USA or France or anywhere else in the world. The infected are people with normal lives, don’t travel abroad, don’t live in places full of foreigners, have not had known contacts with China and an infection in the church is excluded.

Honestly these are the last places in the world where I thought there might be an outbreak of coronavirus.

And this also makes me believe that it is impossible that there is an outbreak of coronavirus in a small area of villages in the middle of nowhere in Italy but there are no cases in megacities full of tourists and businessmen such as London, Paris, New York or Sidney.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand it is statistically impossible.

One of the infected discovered two days ago had returned to Italy from China through Moscow, also landing in European airports, do you really believe that Italy has a problem and who lives abroad is safe?

Abroad, people should not ask themselves why there are so many cases of coronavirus in a small remote area of Italy, but why they are so few in other places in Europe and the world.

But I can comfort you for the future, I live in the yellow area, a few km from the red area, and half of the infected are asymptomatic while another good part has only a few lines of fever and heals in a couple of days. Until now, the victims all had very serious pathologies (cancer, heart attack, were on dialysis, etc.) and even if they were infected, there is no certainty that coronavirus contributed to their death. Furthermore, what has been declared by the Chinese seems to be confirmed, as in China also in Italy 70% of the infected are men, only 30% are women and there are no infected children.

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