Why is Pakistan densely populated?


Why is Pakistan densely populated?

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  1. Basic facilities are better in cities therefore people tend to migrate towards bigger cities than villages or smaller towns. Let’s compare a city of UK with a city of Pakistan:

    In UK, Birmingham has a population of 1,124,600 (Mid 2016 est) while the population of Chakwal (my home town) in Pakistan is 1.8 million. You can try your level best and you will not be able to find sophisticated data on the internet regarding Chakwal but, on the other hand regarding Birmingham, let’s just leave it. Just a few examples, there is no full-fledged university in Chakwal but Birmingham has 5 world class universities. Chakwal has a building which has hospital written on it, whenever there is a serious case; they refer people to go to Rawalpindi (a major city near Chakwal). I will not go into the details of medical facilities in Birmingham.

    My point, in UK, smaller towns have all the basic facilities at the highest level. Therefore, people do not tend to move to bigger cities in search of better opportunities. In countries like India and Pakistan, there are still areas, in so called 21st century, where ladies walk for 20 miles daily just to get water to drink and that water, by no standard, is drinkable. So, what will happen, someone will have the idea in that area that why do we walk 20 miles every day to get water? Let’s just move to some bigger city, at least we will have water there and the process of denser cities starts which in the end contribute to the overall average density of a country.

    There are a number of other factors as well like increasing population, lack of education et cetra but in the end, it is about economics. If governments can stop filling their bellies with corruption and try to create basic facilities in smaller cities, this density can be controlled and even can be used in our favor.

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