Why is shivling located in Mecca and Medina?

Mudassir Ali
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 01, 2020 02:53 PM

Please be appropriate about which stone you are referring to as Shivling.

If you are referring to The Black stone of Mecca as Shivling then you are just plain wrong because that stone according to Muslims is considered holy and it is said that it came from heaven and was placed in Mecca by Prophet Mohammed PBUH.

The stone according to scientists is – The nature of the Black Stone has been much debated. It has been described variously as basalt stone, an agate, a piece of natural glass or—most popularly—a stony meteorite. Paul Partsch (de), the curator of the Austro-Hungarian imperial collection of minerals, published the first comprehensive history of the Black Stone in 1857 in which he favoured a meteoritic origin for the Stone.

Robert Dietz and John McHone proposed in 1974 that the Black Stone was actually an agate, judging from its physical attributes and a report by an Arab geologist that the Stone contained clearly discernible diffusion banding characteristic of agates.

Now let’s look at scientific definition of Shivling- Shiva lingas are divided into many types according to the materials used to make them, materials such as sandalwood paste, river clay, wood, stones, white marbel, gemstones, metal, mercury, gold, and silver. There is an exact set of proportions for the height, width, and curvature of the Shiva linga. Some types of Shiva linga are mukhalinga (one face from five carved on sides and top), lingodbhavamurti (a linga emerging out from fiery linga), a linga with a cobra on top, svayambhuva (meaning self-originated linga) directly made from light, Sphatika-linga (made of quartz), etc.

These two are completely different thus scientifically they are not same.

There are various theories like if you’ll pour some Gangajal on The Black Stone then it will explode and all Muslims will evaporate into air. Now ask yourself that do you believe in these theories (stories).

There is not even a single mention of a such a powerful stone in Hindu Sculptures and even in Islam it’s just said that it came from heaven and it was pure white and now it turned black due to the sins of People touching it.

I hope it clears your doubt.

And please also do clarify this next time you hear someone saying this


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