Why is the Chennai Super Kings the most successful and consistent team in IPL?

Mudassir Ali
Mar 10, 2020 05:16 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Mar 10, 2020 05:16 PM

Most people have answered fantastically about CSK and the history of the franchise. I’d like to pick some key points and analyse as a critic. Let’s see if their success is indeed because of the consistency or just some luck.

Fan Base

Since some people mentioned about it, I’ll have my take. I genuinely believe fan base and team performance do not go hand in hand. RCB also has an equally good fan base. How many times in the 11 years have they made it to the play offs? I can remember only 5. Therefore fan base and results/performance has nothing to do.

Management and auction

Ultimately it’s all down to the players. What really went in CSK’s way, especially in 2018, is their choice of players. They picked Dhoni, Raina and Jadeja at the pre-auction retention. Since the management was the same, I’m sure they would have had a word with Dhoni and consulted him for auction advices. Dhoni has a very astute mind and always marks his players. They picked a team for today. They bought enough backups and believed in experience over age (must say that was a courageous call as IPL travel and the longevity of the tournament can take a toll on fatigue levels of players).

Sticking to the core

MS is a kind of player who believes is not changing the team or playing XI unless need be. Also he keeps persisting with players who he marks would be delivering for the team. The classical example of that is Rohit Sharma when he was the captain of India. Then there is Raina who has been a consistent performer in the IPL since its inception. The bowling department however, has changed.

Success in 2018

I shall attribute this largely to the contribution of the initial wins. The have won matches when most people thought they’re out of contest. I heard Ravindra Jadeja or someone from the team say in one of the interviews when asked about CSK pulling of heists, that, every other team panics in crucial moments but they don’t. Holding the nerve is a key. CSK got different players to step up in initial games – Rayudu, Watson, Dhoni. That brought most of them into form. When a team wins matches from nowhere, their morale will be very high.

The success in 2018 also has something to play with the history of the franchise and their leader. MS Dhoni has had tremendous as captain of India and CSK. He’s won 2011 WC, 2007 World T20, 2013 Champions Trophy, India became the no.1 test team. He hasn’t won some big overseas test series but that’s alright. There’s the calmness of success.

The difference I feel between CSK and the other teams, in 2018 IPL, is the approach. They take the game as far as possible. They have picked the right bowlers to target during run chases and MS Dhoni has chosen the right bowlers at right times. He planned for the future while many teams took one game at a time.

The team has been lucky in a couple of seasons but they’ve had a remarkable consistency and 2018 was purely because of the brilliant approach for the game

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