Why is the Indian Super League better than the IPL?


Why is the Indian Super League better than the IPL?

Mudassir Ali 12 months 1 Answer 155 views

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  1. It is not the format that makes the tournament popular, but the sport itself. In india, cricket is more popular than football. A viewer who likes cricket but not football might consider watching IPL but would not likely watch ISL. Apart from this, IPL attracts the best cricketers from all over the world since and some of these players make more money in the tournament than they do with their respective national boards as match fees. However, the best players in football play in eurpean leagues, south american leagues and then there are some that play in MLS and chinese league. India is far behind in the pecking order.

    So, IPL’ s popularity vs ISL is due to the fact that cricket is the most popular sport in India, whereas there are many leagues that have hugely talented players playing in them and ISL at least at this point is not able to either afford or attract such talent

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