Why is the Pakistan opposition against Imran Khan?

Mudassir Ali
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Why is the Pakistan opposition against Imran Khan?

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 27, 2019 04:09 PM

Very apt & intelligent question.

Every time a leader from Pakistan or third world takes fundamental initiatives to correct & cure more than decades old cancer prevalent due to neo-Imperialism of USA, the corrupt elite is moved against such leaders. They are many a times killed, arrested, tried & even hanged. Examples of ZA Bhutto, Shah Faisal Of KSA, Col. Qazafi etc are well known. Imran is now an international personality & asset of Pakistan.

We have to be very very careful.

We have a last chance.

We have a last hope.

Imran is really an honest leader.

He is clear headed, sincere, resolute, simple & bold.

No comparison with his adversaries.

He has emerged as an international level Muslim leader.

He is likely to be beleaguered by international imperialistic powers.

Pakistani politicians ( not all) will be helped against him.

Economic situation ( for which IK is not responsible) might be used against him.

Funds for arranging Dharnas & institutional help may be generated surreptitiously.

Opposition ultimately may be rallied against him with raising some new cards against him.

He might be forced to take more U-turns.

Police Reforms is a very recent example.

People feed him, then he is informed other consequences. Why the resistance from Police Force was not kept in mind prior to ordering such reform.

This is just an example. Right or wrong is something else. U-turns are apparently against good governance & propagated as failure. Here media gets chance to spread conspiracy theories.

Likewise, Laws related to transparency, tax collection & administrative reform may not end in fiasco. Homework must be done & when announced must be implemented. Police Reforms are a must. No change in Imperialistic police environment. Police must understand it. It is not a matter of hegemony; it is matter of joint & concerted efforts. Going back to old govenace model is no solution. Administration must work hand in gloves with each other. Police Officers should not desire to live in isolation & in their own exclusive domain. They must accept some third party monitoring mechanism.

Opposition may use such administrative failures, economic melt down, debt repayment challenges, devaluation in currency, price hike, FATF challenges etc etc as failure of present regime. Government has to play its cards very carefully.

Civil servants must be given full confidence & opportunity to think out of the box, plan & execute freely but with transparency. Rightly or wrongly, it is felt that no body wants to take initiative & go for decision making. People feel it is better not to do anything instead doing something questionable.

All this scenario will be used against Imran Khan. Opposition, not immediately, but gradually will be geared up. Circumstances are prepared with subtle ways, with more isolation, with more internal & external difficulties for Pakistan. With increasing bad governance & economic difficulties, Opposition will be in a position to generate some public discontent.

Civil Servants must play a proactive role to steer Pakistan out of economic difficulties by introducing efficient governance, transparency & hard work. They can change the destiny. They must come out of fear & indifference. They must be loyal to state. Here, Imran Khan has to mobilise this huge but very capable machinery. Pakistan has one of the most capable bureaucracy in the world. This institution must make Pakistan a successful country shunning away lobbying & political loyalties.

International players will struggle to entangle Imran Khan. He has emerged as a saviour of Ummah. He needs to be more vigilant about his personal security. Our security institutions must be aware of all possible intrigues.

Pakistan Opposition is against Imran Khan not on merit. There is no rationale at this pointed time to gear up a public movement against the regime just after one year grappling with volatile security threats to the very existence of the country. Hope Pakistanis will never respond to such calls. JUI must postpone her Dharna. Opposition has a very weak case against the government. They are doing it merely out of frustration. Whether Kashmir issue is resolved or not, the recent visit of IK in UNGA & his historic speech has punctured opposition’s program of mass mobilisation or Lock-Down at Islamabad.

Mudassir Ali
- Dec 27, 2019 04:10 PM

Wow! A lot of paid people to speak good about Imran Khan. Anyone wants to know why opposition and majority of Pakistani Public are against Imran Khan you need not listen to loser saying Imran Khan is our last hope..yeah…last hope for completely destroying Pakistan. If you really want to know you need not ask..just open Wikipedia and see in the year or so of Imran Khan’s power what has happened to Pakistan’s economy. Just write Pakistan’s economy on Wikipedia and see for yourself…the various charts and graphs will prove my point.

Nawaz Sharif left an economy that was thriving despite the challenges he faced. Dollar was just over 100rs/dollar now it is 156rs/dollar…..International companies wanted to invest…before Nawaz’s tenure there was at an average more than 1 suicide bomb attack per day…he made pakistan secure. He built roads which Imran Khan and his stooges respond to by saying that he doesnt spend on schools ect. Like any of his incompetent imbeciles have done anything from infrastructure to human uplifting.

During the last year of so of Imran Khan World Bank has ranked Pakistan as the second most falling economy in South East Asia after Afghanistan. He has taken more loans from IMF in 1 year than what Nawaz Sharif took in 5. To counter this incompetence the people of Pakistan are paying the price as Imran Khan taxed them heavily for everything with no rise in jobs or pays a lot of people are now hand to mouth. Just recently, the information minister has said not to look at the government for jobs. Giving jobs was part of Imran Khan’s Manifesto. GDP growth of Pakistan in 2017 during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure was 5.5% and is currently in Imran Khan’s government has fallen tremendously to 3.29% with world Bank predicting the current trend to continue with further fall of GDP growth and dollar to reach 200 rs in 1 year.

Now the big reasoning…Nawaz Sharif talked about an independent democracy and an all empowered Prime minister. This was totally against the ideas of the Military which has over the years subverted democratic and judicial processes..hijacked elections..killed sitting Prime Ministers..removed them from office.

Nawaz sharif’s removal is another such episode of the ever long tale of military’s ISI. The ex- Cheif Justice Of Pakistan Saqib Nisar who was the poster boy of ISI’s demented and one sided injustice. Pakistan Army used him to award sentences to Nawaz Sharif and even his non political sons and daughter to prison in cases that can make no sense in any unbiased system of justice. Nawaz Sharif was removed because he didnt disclose an Iqama. For those who dont know what an Iqama is..it is a legal contract to do business in Saudia Arabia which is specific only to certain Arab countries and is hardly illegal. Most of Nawaz Sharif’s party members and family members are now political prisoners languishing in prisons. From false accusations of drugs to unsubstantiated corruption charges with no evidence, they have victimized Nawaz sharif and his sympathizers in anyway possible. All the while news has been out recently that Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Jawed Bajwa gifted his son Askari Complex which costs 12 billion rupees. The news was shut swiftly.

The military controls the media of Pakistan. They spun a vicious propaganda against Nawaz Sharif on media before overthrowing him. Pakistan is currently ranked 142 out of 180 in freedom of journalists and just a few days ago didnot allow the head of Committee to protect Journalists organisation into Pakistan. Pakistan Army has killed, threatened and blackmailed media personnel, judges and government officials alike. Anyone who voices their discontent over Army’s subjugation of Pakistani public are branded terrorist and put in prison on ridiculous charges and/or are simply either assassinated or kidnapped never to be heard of again.

Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of Nawaz Sharif has been very vocal against her father’s illegal incarceration. She is being “questioned” by NAB (National Accountability Bureau), an organisation made by the military dictator and traitor General Musharraf after he overthrew Nawaz Sharif’s government in 1999…an act according to constitution is an act of treason and here we are as he is about to enter politics. NAB has been and is being used by the military to bend the arm of people who dont bend to the might of the Army. So NAB has been “questioning” Mariyam Nawaz for more than 3 months while she is in prison…and guess what..she has not been charged. Isnt it funny…what a way to remove someone from the picture..just send them for questioning. Her interview prior to her illegal incarcenation was stopped midway. It was obvious she ws becoming a threat for the military Junta and her arrest is imminent.The reason why this was done was because the people had started rallying behind her..especially after she brought forth a video evidence of the judge that sentenced Nawaz Sharif to prison, sitting in his home comfortably as he recalls how he has been pressurised and blackmailed by the ISI into giving a verdict against Nawaz Sharif against all judicial protocols and fair trial ethics.

The last elections were hijacked to disallow Nawaz Sharif from winning the elections. Military people stormed polling booths to steal votes in favour of Imran Khan. When that wasnt enough, they delayed the election results for hours as military started engineering results from within the Election Commission headquarters by giving Imran Khan a head start of 20,000 votes even before counting can start. Dont ask me how i know…I was there 🙂

When you have not earned the position of power through struggle, you usually tend to be incompetent. That is exactly why Imran Khan is so Incompetent that he and his stooges have destroyed Pakistan within 1 year because he never won the elections he was rather gifted the elections by the Army. If Pakistan needs to survive Imran Khan needs to be removed but in the long run it wont help. The Military will bring in another idiot like Imran Khan to further their cause. If Pakistan needs to thrive, it needs to show political stability. Only when there is political stability will foreign businesses and investors will invest confidently in Pakistan and that can never happen when the military can overthrow governments and insert idiots like Imran Khan at the helm of political power. The military needs to be stripped off its power to interfere in politics if pakistan needs to recover completely.

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