Why is the Pakistan Super League (PSL) a failure?

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  1. I don’t have the numbers to support my answer, but have valid reasons .

    PSL was not a great success during initial seasons . But gradually started getting views through online , tv … when it comes to other global tournaments it was clearly lagging behind due to various reasons .

    Due to tournament conducted outside of the country , the crowd coming to grounds was relatively lesser . Also they don’t have such a big names apart from few retired players to market their game
    Majority of top players don’t participate due to reasons being lack of lucrative pays . You don’t find someone like boult , steyn , Johnson , Maxwell ,… in the tournament
    Due to the reasons of fixing, it has got some bad reputation
    PSL spot-fixing: Pakistan bars five players from leaving the country

    PCB Ban Shahzaib Hasan for One Year in PSL Spot-fixing Case

    PSL spot-fixing scandal: Nasir Jamshed gets PCB notice for failing to respond to charges – Firstpost

    Due to lack of enough crowd in stadiums, the returns are less . With less returns , less sponsors
    Low attendance and ratings have left brands in a dilemma for PSL 2018

    Also finals are often conducted in Pakistan , where 90% of their overseas players don’t come to play . So teams have to play with some seasoned players or someone who is willing to come to Pakistan to play . So due to lack of first choice players , the amount of excitement or hype will be fallen by big margin

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