Why is the Wuhan novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) so deadly?

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  1. It is really dangerous and deadly. Believe me.

    You are not seeing a crazy death rate compared to SARS and MERS because China was taking extremely aggressive actions to save the people and sending medical staff from all over the country to Wuhan.

    Whoever contracted this virus need to be taken care of carefully. Experienced doctors and nursed need to be there. Yeah if you don’t have underlying health issue and you have a bed in the hospital, your death rate is below 3%.

    But the issue is when many people got contracted, medical system will crash and you will not get the help from hospitals. And check the death rate in Iran.

    Don’t play with the fire and stop thinking this is a flu. This is not. This is more dangerous than H1N1 and it could be as fatal as SARS. Stop going to crowded places, and work from home if possible. Take care of the ones you love. Be responsible for your own life and others. Don’t be `cool` at this moment. If you may not be killed by the virus, you will still suffer a lot in the hospital, and you may lose a lot of money and even your job.

    Take care folks. Let’s work together and survive from this pandemic.

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