Why is there a stigma of American men marrying Filipina women?

Mudassir Ali
Feb 26, 2020 01:33 PM 0 Answers
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Mudassir Ali
- Feb 26, 2020 01:33 PM

When I began living and dating in The Philippines I was criticized as being desperate by family and friends. Filipina women who date American men are often criticized as being desperate or gold-diggers.

What I’m about to say may shock you, both are true.

Many Americans I see here seeking Filipina companionship are guys that are divorced and/or just had a really difficult time dating women back home. Many Filipinas I see seeking Americans are women that Filipino men don’t like: single moms, uneducated, dark-skinned, etc.

But here’s the thing about that, so what?

I own it. I was not happy with the dating options that I had back home. I wanted a partner who wanted to take the traditional role of a wyfe. A partner who will iron my clothes, cook, clean and I take care of his needs. In other words, he takes care of me inside the home and I take care of him outside the home.

I have a Filipina friend who is a good girl but got pregnant by a dirtbag who ditched her shortly after he found out. Filipino men tend to be very picky so despite her education and job skills she was considered ‘damaged goods’ by most of the Filipino men she dated. They would demand sex right away and treated her like they were doing her a favor by dating her.

That’s why she decided to ‘abroaden’ her horizons by going on a dating site (I think it was Christian Filipina) It wasn’t easy because most of the guys were clearly just looking for sex but she ended up finding a French man in his 30’s who loved and accepted both her and her child! They will be getting married this year!

Actually I’d say a larger portion of these marriages are successful than we might think. Filipino American Marriage Success Rate – What We Know I personally don’t see anything wrong with economics and youth being reasons for dating so long as they are not the only reason you’re with that person.

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