Why is there so much hate between Hindus and Muslims in India?


Why is there so much hate between Hindus and Muslims in India?

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  1. I’m muslim and my neighbours are hindu. To be honest, we really do not give a shit about each other’s religions. Our family always comes around to each other’s houses and we talk about random things, from makeup to exams to weddings. Literally religion never comes up in our conversations. We have been neighbours with them for over 2 decades and yet religion is a topic that only comes up during festivals such as eid and diwali etc. We are the best of friends and religion does not divide us at all.

    My school is very diverse in terms of religion. There are muslims, hindus, sikhs, christians and even a few buddhists. You will see the hindus and muslims holding each others hand, going out together for food and just being friends in general.

    I am not denying that there is tension between hindus and muslims, because unfortunately there is quite a lot, but i just wrote this answer to show that there are some muslims and hindus who live together in harmony.

    This video is not talking about hindus, but this video shows that there are muslims who love people regardless of their religion.

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