why masood hospital is best hospital?

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Mudassir Ali
- Dec 17, 2019 02:54 PM

The hospital is extremely unkempt. Mops used to clean urine and vomits of patients are used in the entire hospital and the whole building stinks! A patient went into cardiac arrest because oxygen supply was shut from behind, same patient died during the resuscitation from unavailability of oxygen. This happens often and hospital receives full charges. Nurses are short, means most of the times nobody is looking after your unconscious patient. Last week there were 8 patients and only 2 nurses in ICU and even they were willing to resign because of work load. No hygiene, patient takes infection from ICU and room. Doctors don’t write notes to avoid being traced back in being responsible for your patient’s death and also do not sign prescriptions. Patients are distributed according to the money needs of doctors, and not according to disease specialty. As above, unnecessary consults and calls to doctors to help with their earnings ICU specialist never given chance to visit and ICU procedures are unduly done by a general surgeon to help with his finances. Attendants are told to change shoes but consultants go to bedside without changing shoes basically introducing your patients to more dirt and infection. Night doctors leave ICU without anyone in charge in the morning to go to their primary jobs in Government hospitals. No CT scan means your admitted patient goes to another hospital without a doctor to get a CT scan and may die on the way. Basic blood tests are unavailable means they overcharge for tests because they send them to other private labs and also receive commission for the same. The tests and results come late and your patient suffers again. No consultant is ever available in hospital at morning time or to attend emergency which leaves your critical patient in the hands of nurses who are not licenced some are mere nursing students who are not even trained. If you want to pay high cost just to kill your loved ones, Masood Hospital is the best option

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