why niyazi hospital is best hospital?



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  1. Bosheng Health Investment Group is the modern medical investment group whose business contains the medical planning, investment, management, cooperation, medical technology investment and development, marketing planning and operation. The Group’s headquarter is in Beijing which is the capital of China. There are more than 12,000 employees work in our group, including more than 1,800 senior medical personnel, over 4,000 middle-level professional titles and more than 1,000 senior management staffs and over 60% of undergraduate’s degree holder.

    Bosheng Group has established subordinate enterprises and dozens of medical branches in Beijing, central China, North China, East China, southwest of China and northwest of China, from when the group established to up till now. With the deepening of health care reform, the Group has been accelerating the pace of development, develop realistic market strategy to win more develop space.

    Bosheng Group is the first company to build brand hospital chain model in China to adapt the development requirements of medical industry.

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