Why the world is being digitalized?

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Mudassir Ali
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Originally Answered: What does digital world mean?
We are in the thick of a Digital World ( a continuum from fourth revolution and shifting to Fifth revolution combining Information, Communication and technology ( ICT) getting more and more integrated with Nature , Bio- Sciences and Cognitive sciences.

So every thing is digitised , almost !

Almost all Individual, social , economic ( agri,Industrial and services ) and Governance processes are getting digitised . It simply means almost every transaction / interaction gets recorded and the same gets into a digital form ( binary data) , gets stored in devices /computers . This information is processed /shared making the processes easy,efficient and controllable and improving the quality of Life much better.

Let us see how it impacts a person /home

He can communicate from any place , can pay through a mobile phone , book tickets on any device , he can get news of his interest on his device almost instantaneously , he can check on his health parameters
A smart home can automate processes for heating /cooling the house , refrigerator keeping a watch on items requiring replacements , feed solar power to grid or receive power from distribution company , optimise power consumption based on time of the day tariffs
An autonomous car is programmed to pick you /drop you to various places at specified times , you can share the rides too . The solar powered car can go to nearest charging station when not in use , car battery can feed grids
Most of the people can work from home and schedule the working hours
You can get almost any item/service through internet
Social Processes

Sharing of personal / Community information instantaneously to a number of targeted people
Groups cane be formed across the world with common interests
Issues of Common interests can be highlighted across community and to govt bodies

Information dissemination on quality of seeds , price trends of produce etc
Sharing /Pooling of Mechanisation costs
Work on proper mix of crops /crop rotation based on soil health data , market information
Industry /Services

Getting insights into customer preferences based on a number of data sources
Allowing customers to directly feed information on their choices /expectations / reviews
Dynamic Linking of Customer related data to demand forecast, product mix , service reqmts etc and the same triggering internal processes of production, despatch, billing , warranty management etc
Optimisation of resources – reduce slow/non-moving inventory , quickly change the models /service in line with customer reqmt
Global optimised supply chains
Computer aided design ( CAD) with parameters set based on customer feedback /customer insight inputs
CAD leading to computer aided manufacture , quality checks , testing etc
3D Printing , allowing low cost prototyping , distributed manufacture
Robotics/Artificial Intelligence enabling new types of Products /services , more productive solutions

Basic data base of all residents /Organisations
All interfaces on the net or automated
All transactions online / transparent
Ease of doing business
Ease of regulatory functions
Less scope for corruption
Accountability of Govt
Big Data /Analytics /Machine Learning /Deep Learning further deepen the Emerging future where we will be mining some patterns from almost all personal transactions , Consumer to Business – Business to Business transactions , allow Artificial Intelligence /Machine Learning to get into Natural Language Processing , Computer Vision , Speech/Voice recognition , Bio- informatics etc for a new level of Productivity , Experience and Quality of Life

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