Why was a U.S. veteran kicked out of McDonald’s?

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  1. In one publicized case which I saw, a Veteran approached the counter and asked nicely, if they offered a discount to Veterans. The lady behind him in line took issue with his question, became angry and began an angry tirade. Pointing her finger and shouting at the Veteran, she made a scene in the restaurant by saying: “Just because you chose a job in the military, doesn’t give you the right to expect everybody to bow down and give you free stuff” ( or words to that extent ) She continued abusing the young Veteran, until finally, he was asked to leave the premises for the good of public order. Police were not called, it was one woman seizing an opportunity to be obnoxious and unruly in a public place.

    As he departed, another customer stepped up and paid for the Veteran’s meal.

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