Will AI discover that humans are the main problem in the world and try to get rid of us to save the world?

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  1. We don’t need AI for this. What we need to realize first of all is that we exist in a closed, deterministic, lawful Natural system, that’s based on unbending laws that sustain the balance and homeostasis life and optimal development depends on.

    Elements that go against this balance, homeostasis and show no signs of changing, complying are rejected as “foreign body” from our biological body.

    At the moment Humanity – despite being given millennia for practice, experiments to find integration with Nature through integration in Human society – acts like a selfish, egotistic, “cancer-like” foreign body in Nature. Thus processes already started to reject us from the state that’s infinitely greater, stronger than us. Even the global crisis we are helplessly sinking into – seemingly concerning Human systems – are signs that our grace period has expired.

    Nature is not like a Human judge, it is based on strict laws, cannot be bribed, appealed to. We either learn and keep the laws, or we are punished through increasing crisis situations, intolerable suffering until we comply our of pain.

    Of course we have another option: to purposefully, consciously study the laws that govern the system and to reach compatibility with them by changing, upgrading ourselves and our relationships through the appropriate, practical educational method.

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