Will China experience economic collapse by the 2020s?


Will China experience economic collapse by the 2020s?

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  1. If you look at politics in Hong Kong or Taiwan or for that matter all over Southeast Asia, people aren’t worried because they think China is going to collapse. On the contrary, people are scared out of their minds because they are worried that China will continue to grow and get more powerful. People are getting used to the possibility that maybe China *won’t* collapse and will continue to grow at current rates for the next several decades, and that scares the living daylights out of a lot of people.

    Every day that passes, you feel China getting just a little bit stronger, and the United States getting a little bit weaker, frankly, I’m far more worried about the long term future of the US economy than I am worried about the Chinese economy.

    Like everywhere else in the world, China has economic problems (i.e. you have a huge amount of debt in state owned enterprises), but every single problem that you can mention is something that the government is looking at and trying to fix, and none of the problems of the Chinese economy are things that are unfixable or particularly hard to fix.

    The reason I’m less worried about the Chinese economy than the US economy is that the Chinese government has a sensible vision for the future of the Chinese economy. They are putting tons of money into solar energy, robots, AI, high speed rail, drones, big data. The universities are churning out scientists and everyone is talking about “green energy.” Also, the Chinese government is moving out the cheap labour jobs to other countries, and trying to boost incomes in Central Asia and Africa so that they can buy high tech Chinese goods.

    People have been talking about a Chinese economic crisis and collapse since the 1980’s, but in turned out that it was the US and European economics that hit a crisis. The Chinese economy has weathered crisis after crisis, and there is just absolutely amazing stuff going on here. People are making money, and they are putting this money into tech in order to make more money.

    It’s really, really hard for me to believe that the Chinese economy is going to collapse, when the President of China is talking about green energy and how China needs to move away from coal to solar and nuclear, and when there has been a lot of talk about “gray rhinos” as the Chinese government has been looking very careful at things that could derail Chinese growth *and doing things about them*, while in the US you have a President that doesn’t believe in global warming and is cutting back in science and technology.

    People talk about CCP propaganda but when I read the propaganda, it’s all about science, technology. It’s all about working together to create a better future. It involves people working with each other to fix the problems that exist. Somewhere allow the way the pro-democracy people just lost it, and if you read that propaganda it’s all doom and gloom, let’s overthrow the CCP and replace it

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