When will China’s Communist Party collapse?


When will China’s Communist Party collapse?

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  1. Thank you for the A2A.

    My answer will be only when the CCP really betrays the Chinese people. That means

    stop reforming especially the economy
    unable to maintain Chinese sovereignty (Taiwan , Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang)
    unable to stamp out or at least lessen corruption
    start to really oppress the people (Complete internet restriction, unrestricted application of force to suppress people (not really happening in China but minor scales)). Internet is still a place for the Chinese to express their discontent and they would not be stopped or arrested UNLESS they used the message to form rallying – that’s when the CCP will respond.
    failure to eventually admit its mistakes or at least give a recount of past mistakes

    Given the above six is not happening or at least simultaneously, CCP still enjoys an overwhelming amount of support from people. Despite its flaws, its pragmatic view and policies has INDEED lifted the Chinese people out of poverty. Now some might argue that it is the Chinese people’s efforts rather than the government that created prosperity today. I would say it is actually the efforts of BOTH – the CCP still give the green light and provided government support for establishing non-state owned enterprises in the form of national banks and some advice or technical support from tertiary education facilities (Universities with heavy research in science help enterprises in technology R&D like the hydrogen trams). Both contribute to the nations economic development though in terms of sacrifice it is without doubt the Chinese people that had sacrificed more.

    CCP is also Communist in name only. In actual communism, stock markets and private enterprises will not exist (They exist in China). It is a party that is not following an ideology like the Western Governments following their “multi-party democracy” but rather respond and adapt to the present environment with flexible policies. It is pragmatism, and the Chinese people benefited from it. Please also note the CCP is still presently the ONLY force in China that has sufficient resources, manpower and influence to maintain the integrity of the nation, especially their efforts in controlling the PLA. The Chinese people know this so they still support it despite its flaws. If the CCP falls and there is not comparable alternative to substitute it, China will suffer internal strife and all the efforts of the last 30 years will be extinguish. (Personal Note – I believe this is what some neo – conservative Americans will want – fragmentation of China according to “Self-Determination that is beneficial in maintaining the dominance of the United States”)

    Fate has decided that the CCP would take power back in 1949. It is not just the blunder of the Kuomintang that leads to today but many factors as well. In history, the occurring of an event is often the result of multiple factors. Just as fate puts Communist Party in power, it will also be fate to decide if the CCP should step down. The only thing that would bring down the CCP is when it truly betrays the Chinese people. Only then I could produce the timeline and tell the timeline of how communist party will fall. As long as the CCP is open to reforming and could adapt, then it would be only Communist in name and the Chinese people will still accept that.

    Last word for the non-Chinese viewers. If you truly wish the Chinese people could enjoy prosperity and maybe one day high living standards then here is my advice.

    stop interfering in our affairs based on how you see China (Which might not be correct)
    understand China more not just from western media. You have to understand why the Chinese think like that and not in Western terms. You cannot accuse the Chinese “Why can’t you just act like Japan/US/Civilized World” because we think differently from you. Some behavior is not excusable like bad mannerism but that is not an excuse to generalize the Chinese.
    Take care of your own countries. You might have a better chance of stimulating change in China by doing your part and set up a good example in your country rather than just pointing fingers at the Chinese. If you do that, we would just reply saying “On what basis do you have the right to criticize us when you can’t even handle your own country?” (你連自己的國家也管理不好,你憑什麼來批評我們?)
    Understand that the prosperity of China and the Chinese people can only be done by the Chinese people. You can care about it ( I really appreciate it) but don’t exert your own viewpoints on how to run China without a complete understanding of it.

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