Will lockdown days increase after April 14, 2020 in India?


Will lockdown days increase after April 14, 2020 in India?

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  1. Yes.The problem with this is… will India be able to sustain with the majority of population who’s earnings are planned out only to sustain them on a daily/monthly basis. The government is on edge right now and although good measures had been taken at a crucial time still the curve is not flattening and after the jamaat incident and many more like this which will come to hindsight most probably, it doesn’t seem like flattening either.

    One big mistake the government is doing is not testing , not even 20% of what it should be and that might be simply because we don’t have enough kits and this makes matters worse as WE DON’T KNOW the exact figure . Currently it is a tad above 3k cases but with that rate of testing it could be 2x or maybe 3x more actually which would surface up in the coming weeks.

    The coming weeks would be a test for the government both Central and provincial ,their decision to keep the lockdown will impact the weaker section tremendously and putting an end to it will take many lives. This pandemic has made devloped nations come to it’s knees and although India right now is in a decent situation , it won’t take much time for the country of a billion to come into a total disarray with this vicious virus.

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