Will Nawaz Sharif return to Pakistan?

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  1. Certainly he intends to return. The only question is when he intends to return. The timing is the actual question.

    I think it’s quite clear that Mian Sahib will be happy to return once PM Imran Khan is out of power, or if there arises a situation where there occur a series of widespread mass protests against the PTI government.

    If nothing of that sort occurs earlier, then, in that case, Mian Sahib can definitely be expected back whenever there might be the next general elections in the country, whether the elections take place on the normal schedule or prior to the schedule.

    Under normal circumstances, please bear in mind that his sons (who are foreigners), also are entitled to serve their father, and this can only be possible if he stays near them so they can meet him. This means that as long as Imran Khan remains in a position to exercise power in Pakistan, the dutiful sons cannot visit Pakistan, so I think they will request Mian Sahib to remain in the UK or the USA or any other country for such time.

    Edit: (18 Nov 2019) Readers may please note that this answer was submitted in response to a recent question, which related to Mian Sahib’s expected return from his forthcoming journey to the UK for the purpose of seeking medical treatment for his own self. That question has been merged, unnecessarily, into an earlier question which had been posed in a different context.

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