Will Pakistan rise after Nawaz Sharif?

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  1. Pakistan will rise and shine the day:

    1.I see a Pakistani trusting a government school or college as he does a private one for the education of his kids.

    2.I see the availability of clean and constant supply of water to people in Thar and Cholistan.

    3.I see Polio completely eradicated from Pakistan.

    4.I see lesser infants dying due to poor health sources.

    5.I see that my kids have a future in Pakistan.

    6.I see developmental schemes unhampered by change of governments.

    7.I see a clear cut policy regarding terrorism..No one with a soft-corner for extremists in the Parliament.

    8.I see implementation of the policies against criminals of rape,child molestation etc.

    9.I see Pakistan being recognized as country of volunteers for community services.Right now there is no concept of community work.

    10.I see Pakistan earning as much revenue from the Tourism industry as Switzerland,Norway etc.

    11.I see political and religious tolerance.

    12.I see Politicians recognized more by their work than by slogans.

    13.I see Pakistan and India accepting that they are two independent nations now that should focus more on public issues than on each other.

    14.I see a long term,practical policy being implemented for the timely management of natural calamities like floods,earth-quakes etc because these cause leaps backwards by years and decades.

    15.I see less children as laborers and beggars.

    16.I see more career counselling and talent hunts.

    17.I see more religious scholars in mosques and churches promoting education,peace,love,patience etc.

    18.I see more Imams in masajid promoting Islam as a deen than mere as a madhab.

    19.I see more Imams in masajids promoting the understanding of Quran than mere its recitation.

    20.I see a Pakistani man being able to offer his prayer in any mosque he wants,the way he wants it,without being judged for his religious sect.

    21.I see more men like Edhi.

    22.I see my street vendor and milkman avoiding selling me rotten fruit and impure milk.Corruption needs to be fought on all levels.

    23.I see a teacher being respected as much as a surgeon,doctor,engineer,CA,CEO,politician etc

    24. I see Pakistan celebrating the victory of its Women Cricket Team as much as it celebrates of Mens’.

    25.I see Parents not forcing their views on their children regarding what to study,whom to marry etc.

    26.I see Pakistani men saying no to dowry and standing up for it.

    27. I see Pakistani men supporting independent wives as much as they want their daughters to be.

    28.I see Pakistani girls as ambitious about their life goals as Pakistani men.

    29.I see a skillful Pakistani as confident as a degree holder.

    30.I see Karachite using his Iphone without the fear of being robbed.

    31. I see an average Pakistani crystal clear about what Quaid wanted Pakistan to be like.

    32.I see Pakistani people standing up for ideas than for people.Politics should not be taken personally.

    23.I see Pakistani minds less absorbed in financial worries so that they can contribute more to the society and achieve their full potential.

    24.I see Pakistani people understanding that mental health is as important as physical health and needs treatment as much as it.

    25.I see a rural woman as much aware of hygiene,family planning,child care as a city woman.

    26.I see less food being wasted at restaurants,weddings etc and excess being available free of cost to the needy.We cannot waste food.

    27.I see the triumph of talent and merit over nepotism and personal gains.

    28.I can choose Pakistan as my dream country over any developed one without a second thought.

    We need long term success and it will require time.

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